Clive is best known for his New Flora of the British Isles

The fourth edition is to be published in early 2019. 


New Flora of The British Isles

In the nine years since the appearance of the Third Edition, many new data and ideas relating to our wild flora have become available. More than 200 species and hybrids have been added to the text of this fourth edition and, in order to establish it as a truly twenty-first century Flora, alien species that have not been recorded in the British Isles since 1999 (about 90  taxa) are omitted from the main text

The third edition (2010) was the first British Flora to incorporate the new molecular system of classification based primarily on DNA sequences, a scheme that is expected to endure for centuries to come at the family level. However, new discoveries from this research are continually being made, necessitating numerous further changes, particularly at the genus level, which have been incorporated in this fourth edition. Apart from this, innumerable adjustments have been made to the descriptions and keys, the distributions (especially of hybrids) have been updated, and the categories used to summarise native/alien status have been altered in line with modern thinking.

These revisions should ensure that the Fourth Edition will remain for many years to come the essential reference source for all taxonomists, ecologists, conservationists, landscape planners, plant hunters and biogeographers, whether they be researchers, teachers, students, professionals or amateurs.



’Clive Stace’s Flora is a tour de force, a mine of information and absolutely indispensable for anyone who has more than a passing interest in British plants

Trends in Ecology and Evolution

‘Among the very best of Floras.’


‘Clive Stace has become a household name amongst British field botanists since his first edition … I would recommend this new edition to any serious botanist.’

Scottish Wildlife

‘The New Flora of the British Isles is a standard not only among British botanists but also on the shelves of other European botanists, and I can only congratulate this outstanding presentation of the British flora.’

Systematic Biology

‘It is THE book to use, and the inclusion of aliens in significant numbers means that you are highly unlikely to come across anything that isn’t to be found in it.’

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society

‘Stace’s Flora is a mine of information, a model of clarity and organisation, and one that no serious Irish or British botanist should be without.’

Irish Naturalists’ Journal

‘The New Flora is a remarkable work …. I for one have nothing but admiration for the accuracy of the text.’

British Wildlife